Firms with no history of supplying the products they were paid for, a business linked to Brexit lobbyists, and a dormant company were among the beneficiaries.
The internal investigation follows accusations of a toxic work environment that included racism and intimidation, Variety reported.
A Department of Justice reportedly ended the former presidential candidate’s investigation on corruption after finding nothing.
The South Carolina senator had once said the former vice president was “as good a man as God ever created.”
A man and a woman were seen driving James and Michelle Butler's truck across the U.S.-Mexico border after the Butlers disappeared.
The freshman Democrat denied any relationship with her staffer, but admitted to having an "inappropriate" relationship with someone else before she was elected.
The city's police chief said the gunman's ability to obtain and modify the weapon used in the attack was "fundamentally problematic."
Police obtained the footage in their investigation of the "Empire" actor, who was accused of staging a racist and homophobic attack against himself.
With a line that sounded like it was inspired by "Game of Thrones," President Donald Trump denied claims his staffers sometimes ignore his requests.
David Blaine is under investigation after sexual assault allegations were made against him.