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"The Atlanta Child Murders" revisits a traumatizing series of deaths that America has seemingly forgotten.
Finding revenues and synergies between the old and new won’t be easy, but he’s been buying with clear-eyed focus, and the assets are performing.
It's all part of the Univision anchor's new English-language show.
The show from the former "To Catch A Predator" host is in its second season.
This majestic mountain setting attracts many gun-owning libertarians who rightly cherish the freedom of speech without which our liberties would perish. In addition, it has attracted a small community of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.
I don't know if we'll ever pinpoint all the reasons why true crime has become such a sensation, but as we inevitably continue to indulge ourselves, we must make sure we consider that real people experienced a significant loss in every single one of these stories.
Investigation Discovery will take on the case.
Do me a favor. Stop kidding yourself while riding proudly aboard the Serial bandwagon. Don't think for one minute that there is a difference between Serial and serial -- because, in most cases, there is not.
A Florida mom and her roommate are facing child cruelty charges after forcing her 10-year-old son to dress up like a girl
Society tells you to feel guilty about watching “iCarly,” but why? Just because you’re a 26-year-old dude who eats Gushers