The president's niece celebrates reports of investigations into Trump finances.
President Trump appears to be trying to desensitize Americans to the outrage over asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens … by publicly asking China to investigate the Bidens.
Tensions are building just days before special counsel Robert Mueller is set to testify on Capitol Hill regarding his investigation into President Donald Trump.
Trump may have taken a page directly out of Nixon's book.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz is the chairman of the oversight committee and has yet to follow-through on investigating the White House.
Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this work is that Montané and Sarassa both share Debora's Latin heritage and educational
Forensic technology has made huge breakthroughs over the past thirty-five years that I've been around criminal and forensic investigations. Without question, the next thirty-five are going to bring mind-blowing advances. I've looked into my forensic crystal ball to come up with five things I think will be real by 2050.
Politics aside, it's nice when others are being singled out by the phone companies...who are trying to hide the skeletons
Many people like me know little or nothing about their cars and don't understand what is being done to them, so they can easily be persuaded to get repairs they don't need or be subjected to other scams.
A radical transformation has taken place at the World Bank when it comes to going after crooked firms. Two decades ago, the Bank refused to acknowledge the corruption issue. Now, this has changed.