President Trump appears to be trying to desensitize Americans to the outrage over asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens … by publicly asking China to investigate the Bidens.
Tensions are building just days before special counsel Robert Mueller is set to testify on Capitol Hill regarding his investigation into President Donald Trump.
Trump may have taken a page directly out of Nixon's book.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz is the chairman of the oversight committee and has yet to follow-through on investigating the White House.
Carolina Sarassa wrote that when she began investigating the disappearance of Debora Flores-Narvaez, the opening lyric from
Forensic technology has made huge breakthroughs over the past thirty-five years that I've been around criminal and forensic investigations. Without question, the next thirty-five are going to bring mind-blowing advances. I've looked into my forensic crystal ball to come up with five things I think will be real by 2050.
Politics aside, it's nice when others are being singled out by the phone companies...who are trying to hide the skeletons
Many people like me know little or nothing about their cars and don't understand what is being done to them, so they can easily be persuaded to get repairs they don't need or be subjected to other scams.
A radical transformation has taken place at the World Bank when it comes to going after crooked firms. Two decades ago, the Bank refused to acknowledge the corruption issue. Now, this has changed.
Poaching has the capacity to drive rhinos, as well as other species, to extinction. So what makes these poaching networks so resilient? What makes them stable, or able to bounce back when interfered with?
The banks engaged in a years' long pattern of what can only be described as fraudulent if not criminal conduct that would put anyone else in prison for years if not decades, yet banks get to buy off the cops with some money to help just a few of the victims they created.
As he has regularly done in the past with other media outlets, President Obama artfully dodged a straightforward question about lack of criminal prosecutions from Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes last night.
Now is our chance to let the USDA know that we demand that action is taken to prevent downed animals from being abused and slaughtered for human food.
I don't know how many different ways the medical community can say this: Childhood vaccinations do not cause autism. As any competent researcher will tell you, the facts speak for themselves.
Federal investigators are gearing up to file charges against a wider array of insider-trading networks, some linked to the
Nothing Dick Cheney does is by accident. This is a calculated plan to weave a narrative before another attack happens into the political blood stream, with the attempt of casting blame in advance.
His viewpoint of counter-terrorism operations, in particular, has been meticulously detailed since he laid out the policy
"The President does believe and the Attorney General said quite clearly that those that believed in good faith that these
I'm as bug-eyed angry about the Bush years as anyone. But drag the whole damned crew up on war crimes? The Machiavellian side of me calls that a bad idea.