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"We're trying to change the culture," a bank spokeswoman said.
Work is hard, but there are certain jobs that may require a little more grit than others. Those that can successfully navigate through these professions will come out with an exceptional work ethic that can set them up for success anywhere.
We have to remember that the same banks responsible for so much of the financial strife, confusion, and crisis are guided by social forces. When we believe our financial systems are beyond our control, we neglect our responsibility to those most impacted by its flaws.
The new rules will also apply to those taking up summer internships at the bank. Erhardt's death highlighted concerns about
In the late 1990s, there were no "women's circles" or "diversity groups" or "power lunches with other women" like there are now. Never once it entered my mind "I cannot do this because I am a woman" and no one at my bank said, "Well, as a woman you should think about changing careers."
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The planned merger of commodities trader Glencore and mining group Xstrata, the year's biggest pending deal in terms of total
The former Barclays debt banker said his team would get chewed out every morning for lagging in industry league tables, which
Banks don't lose money. People lose money. That seems to be the feeling of Richard Kovacevich, the former chairman and CEO
Facebook declined to comment. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg did not attend, but most of the company's other top
The USC study isn't the first to analyze the way working on Wall Street can affect someone's psyche. Last year, a study conducted
In pursuing a brand comeback strategy, UBS' "We Will Not Rest" ad campaign is false and misleading, and reveals a UBS orientation in stark contrast to its claims.
I got introduced to speak at Occupy San Diego tonight as an ex-investment banker from Goldman Sachs. So, I started my talk by saying, "I was an investment banker, and I'm sorry." I then went on to list the top ten ways you know you are dealing with an investment banker.
The number of Americans who work in finance is at a 12-year low, Reuters recently reported, and further cuts in the payrolls
"We believe there are real benefits in our working environment that can be realized using this device--as well as the personal
Deutsche Bank AG, Germany's biggest bank, set aside more in compensation for employees of its corporate and investment bank
For many of us, the day we lose our jobs is the first day that we slow down - ever.
We're not saying that everyone has to agree with everything we say about these pictures. But they make clear what kind of financial system we have today. And they need some kind of explanation.
Morgan Stanley Chairman John Mack said investment bankers are overpaid and Wall Street compensation won't decrease much because