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This is a dramatic change to the Turkish Project Finance landscape, which had traditionally been dominated by Turkish banks
First off, Sam, congrats on the success your memoir "For the love of money." Given that it's about your decision to leave finance, a world you called a "selfish, arrogant culture" at one point, how has the reaction been? I jest, but have you received death threats?
Since merging SOEs will almost inevitably reduce the number of competitors in specific industries and stymie competition
Biases lead experts and clients to make decisions which cause financial losses. An interesting question worth exploring is if there are any biases incorporated in internal guidelines, as day-to-day banking does not account for biases.
It is already known that humans are coping with a number of cognitive biases when making a decision or searching for a solution. After going through the list of all known human biases, the recognition of human's illusion of control becomes strong.
Through his actions, his reactions and his misery, Ved, the lead protagonist in the film, is telling us all a story... a
Why do companies with gender diverse boards perform better? As the portfolio manager of a strategy which seeks to benefit
LONDON, July 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Investment banking doesn't rank highly on most people's lists of ethical career
financial success for the client, would you advise on it? Your clients hope so. So I am going to let the cat out of the bag.
For the first time since the '30s, the 99 percent stood up and pointed out the real culprits -- Wall Street and the politicians they own. People listened, they heard, and began to believe.
Finance Minister George Osborne has said he wants RBS to be more like state-backed rival Lloyds Banking Group, which has
How do we amplify the reach of impact ventures? Given that all good intentions require funding, the question may well be rephrased as: How do we turbo-charge the allocation of funds to impact causes? I believe one of the answers is to co-opt investment bankers.
Five years after the economic collapse, we are still waiting for someone to hold Wall Street accountable, and some colleges are in a position to make an impact by cutting off the banks' talent supply.
These freshly-hired graduates, with dollar signs in their eyes and visions of grand lifestyles in their heads, are subject to ridiculous working hours and conditions, because the employers know the thought process and know they will do whatever it takes.
Several former investment banking interns gave HuffPost a glimpse into the banking's hard-charging work environment. After
Bank of America said Friday morning it would be studying how to improve the work-life balance of the institution’s junior staffers, a week after a 21-year old summer intern working for the bank's investment banking unit unexpectedly died. Moritz Erhardt, an intern in London, had been a week shy of completing his term with the bank when he died on Aug. 15.
Bank of America said Friday morning it would be studying how to improve the work-life balance of the institution’s junior
We are a society that creates TV shows based around 16-year-olds having really expensive birthday parties. Media, social networking and even well-meaning friends and family hammer into our brains the idea that success is all about making money. But is it really all about the Benjamins?
Who better than professional money managers to raise and invest funds while applying the skills that make them successful in their day jobs to philanthropic initiatives?