Investment banking

It would be premature to call the program a happily-ever-after story, as the new campuses are yet to open. Big challenges
First off, Sam, congrats on the success your memoir "For the love of money." Given that it's about your decision to leave finance, a world you called a "selfish, arrogant culture" at one point, how has the reaction been? I jest, but have you received death threats?
How can the Party address the long-lasting issue of SOEs slowing down market efficiency then? Professor Eva Dziadula from
Biases lead experts and clients to make decisions which cause financial losses. An interesting question worth exploring is if there are any biases incorporated in internal guidelines, as day-to-day banking does not account for biases.
It is already known that humans are coping with a number of cognitive biases when making a decision or searching for a solution. After going through the list of all known human biases, the recognition of human's illusion of control becomes strong.
Circumstances and life usually intervene to make sure your feet are most definitely grounded and your head remains in that
Why do companies with gender diverse boards perform better? As the portfolio manager of a strategy which seeks to benefit
LONDON, July 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Investment banking doesn't rank highly on most people's lists of ethical career
financial success for the client, would you advise on it? Your clients hope so. So I am going to let the cat out of the bag.