Italy’s “Invisibility Is Not A Superpower” exhibition aims to show women that they’re not alone.
We see ourselves, like my dumpling self-image, as rounded, benign and invisible. Up to this point, we were following a map
The questions to ask is: What uproots and what anchors us? Discovering the answer and following the steps that connect and stabilize us, may prevent the treacherous state.
Scientists say they have successfully tested an ultra-thin invisibility cloak.
I was dressed for my usual invisibility: a pale pink, long-sleeved t-shirt, jeans, and brown sneakers that suggest, falsely, a hiker mentality. I'm headed to Meijer, and I'm certain that nobody's even going to see me.
Smoke and mirrors. For the study, the researchers fitted 125 men and women with virtual reality headsets. In the headsets
Scientists at the University of Rochester in the USA recently revealed how to make stuff invisible. Kinda.
Living in the shadows is somewhere many of us women have spent our lives. Many of us got used to introducing ourselves as so-and-so's mother or wife. Somewhere along the line we lost our identity as it merged with the family or the husband's.
Awesome. How can you make something invisible, that is, without using a cloak? This easy experiment just might be the "solution
As Editor of an online magazine devoted to lifestyle and culture for the hip:) +50 set, I've realized I need to address the widespread issue of older women feeling they've become 'invisible'. As their 'looks fade', older women feel they seem to be fading along with them, right into thin air.
I began to realize I had acquired a cloak of invisibility when it came to men a few years before I turned 50. I was no longer on the receiving end of the prolonged glance, the admiring wink, or, hell, even an acknowledgement I was in the same breathing space as a male of the species.
4) "I have men my age eyeing me at 55. Gives me an ego boost especially when I hate the wrinkles," said Deb Hancock Tullos
A new invisibility cloak for data can make information vanish by creating holes in time, new research suggests. The researchers
A nanotech expert has made groundbreaking progress on an invisibility fabric. Cara Santa Maria reveals what's Hot on Science.
I stood looking at the photo. No one would think we were the same person. My hair was long again, my figure was trim and my kids were tall and lanky, bounding around the store. There was the ghost of motherhood past, staring back at me with bleary eyes.
In the last eight years or so, scientists have discovered cloaking devices are possible, which can bend and twist light completely
That explains the amount of greasy goop Liu applies onto his face and hands before they're painted to match carefully chosen
Smith has said that he thought a perfect cloak was unlikely. "I won't call it impossible, but it's implausible what you see
While John Pendry, a theorist out of Imperial College London told ScienceNOW it would take invisible cloaking technology