ios 7

The latest version is about 25 percent smaller. Good luck!
iOS 8 had a rough start, which could contribute to a reluctance to download it. The long-awaited Health app wasn't compatible
Apple releases a new mobile operating system every year, and that keeps a powerful cycle in motion. Each fall for the last
Before we go much further, it should be noted, as Business Insider's James Cook points out, that Apple uses a very unscientific
We've already warned you not to download iOS 8 on your iPhone 4S. Seriously, don't. You're better off sticking with what
Apple's move will place ebooks just one click away from being discovered, sampled and purchased by nearly a billion readers. But how can indie authors and publishers make the most of this new development?
[h/t 9to5Mac] We tested it out, and it works. You need to download the latest version of iOS 7.1 to begin. Here's how you
You may argue that the automotive industry doesn't profit from the oil industry or road construction and literally hundreds of other related industries. You'd be right, of course, but with other industries the ship has sailed. With the advent of connected drivers, the automotive industry can make sure that history doesn't repeat itself.
For these reasons and more iBeacon presents a revolutionary opportunity for app developers and retailers interested in indoor mapping, mobile payments and targeted advertising.
We need to put the "i" back in the "operating system" of politicians' policies and platforms. How?
Among the most powerful things about the first iPhone was how it made old software metaphors -- pressing buttons, scrolling
Apple did not respond to a request for comment. In 2010, a bug in iOS 4 messed up iPhones' alarms around the world when Daylight
2. Turn on "Reduce Motion" Go to Settings, then General, then Accessibility. There, you'll find Reduce Motion. Hit that and
One man has officially raised the bar for how much someone can hate iOS 7. Mark Menacher from Poway, Calif. has filed a complaint
I happened to notice today that I lost all my WiFi connectivity with iOS 7 for my iPod touch. Figuring that perhaps had accidentally changed a setting or something, I checked online. It turns out that I wasn't alone.
Here's your new excuse for not responding to text messages. We can't guarantee that this will work for everyone (there are
Your first impression of iOS 7 may have left you loving (or hating) the new features included in the latest operating system for iPhones and iPads. But only after spending some time with it do you begin to appreciate the fun, secret features as well.
2. Undo Email Delete With A Shake Safari now syncs up with your Twitter feed to show you all the tweets in your stream with
News of the bugs comes after it was revealed in September that iOS 7 had a flaw that would allow anyone to access an iPhone
Jimmy Kimmel debuted a breakthrough medication on Tuesday night that promises relief to those suffering from iOS7 related