ios 9

Phones running iOS 8 or higher include a feature that prevents any stranger from accessing the device's data, even Apple itself.
Industry pundits and analysts are currently debating the scope of the ad blocking dilemma. The estimated damage ranges from
What is true is that online advertising will get harder. The embrace of digital marketing so far is largely based on two
This is first time a major mobile operating system has allowed ad-blocking. Software developers were on the spot with new apps snatching three of the top four App Store spots within 24 hours: names like Purify, 1Blocker, Crystal, and Peace.
Such an arrangement may be the best way to preserve independent media on the open web. Users would be able to protect themselves from abusive adware without freeloading. And web publishers who see their traffic drop might decide it's time to change their ways.
The iOS 9 version allows users to install 3rd-party ad-blocking apps that control what content is allowed to display and run inside Safari. This includes blocking social widgets such as Facebook's "Like" and "Share" buttons.
Still using a four-digit passcode? It's probably time to change to six digits
You need at least 1.3 gigabytes of free space, for starters.