States are cracking down on telemedicine abortions, but research argues it's as safe as going to a doctor.
Medication abortion involves two medications: Mifepristone, which blocks progesterone, a hormone that is needed for pregnancy
As a university professor of pre-service teacher education students, I raise the distinction between moral convictions and professional ethics when we discuss issues of controversy within the field of education.
As we look back, we'll be able to say that we had a part to play in this history. We'll be able to say that it started here, in the Heartland -- it started here in Iowa.
Ryan Koopmans, an Iowa attorney who is not affiliated with the case, said that this reconsideration was likely triggered
According to the WCF Courier, the amendment would reduce the salaries of four justices who took part in the decision for
Though females stand as the numerical majority in the United States and many countries throughout the world, we must not confuse majority in terms of numbers with dominance in terms of social power.
Tyler said Real Action recruited and pays the salary of Kellen Guida, the balanced budget coalition’s director, and helped
In the past, we have relied on politicians to be truthful and honest. That, sadly, is no longer the case.
Back east, Massachusetts voters also rejected a tax rollback drive. Florida voters, in a rare check on Republicans' success