Why would America ever want AT&T to get larger when it failed to properly upgrade and maintain critical telecommunications infrastructure of the utility networks in 21 states, which covers at least half of the U.S. population?
And what we're about to expose is that the FCC's rules have run amok. Combined with a failure of the FCC and state commissions
And this was all done on purpose as in 2010, Verizon decided to become a 'wireless first' company. It appointed Lowell McAdam
CEOs And CFOs Need To Understand VoIP And Hosted VoIP Hosted VoIP also enables a range of new services for dedicated and
Be sure to file for patents, copyrights and trademarks as needed, and as fast as possible. A patent application, for example
The presidential hopeful is harder on Big Pharma than he is on Wall Street.
The FCC is finally making available a database of collected information about special access lines and services, which, according to the FCC, has hit $40 billion in revenues.
The really sad thing is that AT&T has been blanketing these places with staff, outreach, etc. From January to August 2015
The Democratic presidential hopeful invoked Pope Francis in his appeal.
The global software industry -- exemplified by the unparalleled success of American-born innovation -- is changing the way we live.