Why would America ever want AT&T to get larger when it failed to properly upgrade and maintain critical telecommunications infrastructure of the utility networks in 21 states, which covers at least half of the U.S. population?
Gaming the System: A Mockery of the Principles of a Utility and Public Obligations. "As detailed below, there is now indisputable
Ironically, as we pointed out, Verizon has announced its intent to purchase Yahoo for $4.8 billion and bought AOL for $4.4
CEOs And CFOs Need To Understand VoIP And Hosted VoIP Many of these new services are applications, and in aggregate, can
3 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property 3. Select Intellectual Property Insurance. 2. Establish Non Disclosure Agreements
The presidential hopeful is harder on Big Pharma than he is on Wall Street.
The FCC is finally making available a database of collected information about special access lines and services, which, according to the FCC, has hit $40 billion in revenues.
Rough estimates about the IP transition trial (using the AT&T charts), after one year, in the Kings Point Florida yielded
The Democratic presidential hopeful invoked Pope Francis in his appeal.
The global software industry -- exemplified by the unparalleled success of American-born innovation -- is changing the way we live.
The perception that marketing professionals can be divided into so-called traditionalists and cool digital kids has taken root. To remain relevant, we lunge at the latest data mining technique or augmented reality app without thinking of strategic imperatives.
In the last article about broadband I supplied a list of the "video dialtone" deployments that were filed at the FCC by what are now AT&T, Verizon and Centurylink to upgrade the utility copper networks and replace these wires with fiber optics wires -- which never happened.
“It’s designed to carry forward the neoliberal project to maximize profit and domination, and to set the working people in
This is the best case as AT&T may never expand past their current footprint with U-Verse and this quote is about services that may be available 3 years from now -- in 2016.
From the federal government's data-driven policing efforts to private sector initiatives to secure the supply chain, data has the potential to emerge as a powerful new tool in the fight against counterfeit goods.
India's case is proof that the intellectual property regime, when properly applied, can work for the poor as well as the rich. The decision by the country's Supreme Court has created a giant legal footprint for others to follow.
Nobody should be left behind; nobody should lose voice service; and every American, including people of color, should experience the opportunities that are possible in the all-IP world we are entering now.
Last month, audiovisual content rights holders announced the new Copyright Alert System, a.k.a. "Six Strikes" that they and ISPs have put in place to discourage peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted files. Good luck!