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A combination of human instinct, DNA and learned behavior determines whether you love or loathe hoppy brews.
On tap for the Pink Boots Society's Beer Bratwurst and Beyond Fall Road Tour: Sister Doris, Germany's Last Beer-Brewing Nun
Try Dogfish Head’s brand-new Flesh & Blood, tart and zesty with lemon pulp and blood orange juice, and New Belgium’s Citradelic
“This is a fantastic initiative and we are proud to be able to provide member agencies with the opportunity to build up their
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India Pale Ales trace their origins back to the days of the British Empire, when brewers would fortify their beers with hops to naturally preserve them during the long voyage to South Asia. Today's brews have taken the hop-heavy formula even further.
Fall beer season is just around the corner. And as craft beer rides a seismic wave of popularity that shows no sign of letting up, beer travelers are more sophisticated and beer tours are getting more interesting.
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Grab a Cantillon 2010 Lou Pepe Gueuze and pair it with the housemade cheesecake topped with raspberries reduced in a framboise from the same famed brewery. The owner, Nino, and his staff have a firm motto they stand by: 'No Crap on Tap.' More and more Italians are living by it.
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Dozens of beers are released every month, and my goal is to pick out a small sample of exceptional beers to share with you.
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Seafood is classically paired with white wine, but what if you just want a cold beer to go with your crustaceans?
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Thank God, now we can concentrate on the aluminum art that encases our booze.
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What you should be drinking.
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Just thinking about beer, it seems, encourages me to write nonsensical phrases like "mmmmCREAMYIPA!" and, no, I wasn't drinking when I wrote that.
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Craft beer festivals have been taking over event spaces nationwide, popping up year round to offer the palates of beer connoisseurs new and unique ales and lagers. For a more in-depth understanding, I spoke to Jim Pickett, the NYC Craft Beer Festival's beer curator.
Vietnamese authorities have arrested a local underground publisher on his return home after receiving an international award
What I see missing in the middle is that there needs to be an understanding that they can provide information to each other that can lead to the innovations which can significantly shift the trajectory of poverty.
I personally attended three sessions, trying dozens of the over 2,200 beers on the Convention Center floor. Here are the ten I found to be the tastiest.
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Over the past few months BrewDog have continued to produce stronger and stronger beers. By commenting on this irresponsible