When they ask us what we did to avert disaster, we need to be able to say: “Our best.”
Governments from around the world are gathering in Paris to discuss what is arguably the most consequential international agreement ever. Here's a guide to some of the draft climate agreement's most important -- and most contentious -- issues.
Like I said, it was a busy week! 3. UN's new IPCC report confirms that humans are causing climate change In case you missed
• We are the CEOs of our own lives, thinking about the next quarter or the next election, but not about the future that we
Bonn, Germany -- Already at the last UNFCCC meeting in June, the majority of nations -- aside from airing their grievances
When we think about biodiversity, we rarely think about food. But the diversity within crops is notable agronomically and culturally. And like other biodiversity, it's endangered.
A sellout crowd of 150 Sunday night heard former Senator Tim Wirth decry an "army of attack dogs" trying to derail climate-change action by Congress.
Insurance companies, which are based on the so-called 'invisible hand,' have seen the writing on the wall and are no longer in the business of insuring new homes on the Outer Banks in NC.
How will the changing climate affect global security, and should the two issues be linked?
The scientific community is tired and their time should not be taken for granted. And there is the fact that time is running out. So what should be the next step?