When they ask us what we did to avert disaster, we need to be able to say: “Our best.”
Governments from around the world are gathering in Paris to discuss what is arguably the most consequential international agreement ever. Here's a guide to some of the draft climate agreement's most important -- and most contentious -- issues.
As the world's leading scientists hold up a danger sign, hundreds of thousands of Americans who are moving their communities beyond coal are pointing the way to a solution. This is not a time for cynicism and despair -- it's a time for hope, determination, and action.
If you have only two minutes, take a look at NRDC's latest edition of "This is What Global Warming Looks Like."
In short, the global warming deniers are as wrong as the smoke-blowers who said in the 1960s that a pack a day was fine. No one seriously argues today that tobacco isn't bad for you -- and if they did, no one would listen.
While deep cuts in carbon pollution are the backbone of our long-term climate strategy, there are other atmospheric pollutants that we can reduce now for quick climate benefit in the coming decades.
Like I said, it was a busy week! 3. UN's new IPCC report confirms that humans are causing climate change In case you missed
El nuevo informe del Panel Intergubernamental sobre el Cambio Climático (IPCC, por sus siglas en inglés) confirma lo que un sinnúmero de personas en América Latina y el Caribe ya saben - algo extraño pasa con el clima y es hora de hacer algo al respecto.
• We are the CEOs of our own lives, thinking about the next quarter or the next election, but not about the future that we
This science is settled, and the facts are clear. Climate change is the central environmental challenge of our time. We have an obligation to stand up and confront this widening scourge for the sake of future generations.