iPhone photography

Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco strikes me as being the epicenter of discombobulation. Two of the artists that show
The Odyssey has been told in a thousand different ways, but never before has someone used an iPhone and Hipstamatic app to
Christopher Brauchli can be emailed at brauchli.56@post.harvard.edu. For political commentary see his web page at http://humanraceandothersports.com
Below: Curling at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Phil Moore British freelance photojournalist based in Nairobi
Shooting objects in motion may lead to unintended consequences.
On the right, you'll see a photo I took in the same exact place using the technique I just taught you. Now Kim looks like
Photographer Julian Calverley is putting all us mortal iPhone users to shame with his latest collection of snapshots and
Because deciding how to frame that sunset and knowing when (if ever) to use the Kelvin filter sometimes calls for a group
So let's face it: #nofilter basically doesn't exist anymore. These days, featured users on Instagram are just killin' it
If you're looking for better detail in the shadows and highlights of your mobile photographs you've got choices. Moving from simple and limited to more complex and robust, consider these three.
Facetune is Photoshop for your iPhone without the headache of Photoshop.
The images of this endearing project have been collected under the name "That Tree," a fitting title for a series that began
Check out images from @minneapoliseyes below: We asked him about the best spots to stumble upon a picturesque moment in Minneapolis
HP: Has there ever been a moment you were especially happy to have had your camera phone handy? HP: Tell us about where are
2012-05-30-photoapps.jpgControl of perspective and aspect ratio are two powerful reasons to use FrontView. The limits of believability are potentially your only constraints.
HP: What is your favorite spot to find inspiration? Follow her @lalaninjacakes and check out her images below: MT: The beach
When you want to make a mobile phone image smaller quickly, launch iResize. Why would you want to change the size of an image? There are so many reasons; to email it, to post it online, and/or to share it in social networks are just a few.
HP: Tell us about where are you from and what is your 'day job'. Are you a professional photographer, or is photography just
Follow Stephanie (iamgolden) here and see a slideshow of her work below. HP: When did you start using your phone as a camera