iphone prank

Most of us are terribly guilty of checking our cell phones constantly -- but consider exactly how fast you check your phone
But the idea that a microwave could charge a phone didn't start on 4chan. It's actually a longstanding Internet hoax: Like
We're pretty sure YouTube user @goddamnirwin is grounded right now, but it was so worth it. Check out the prank she played
A Los Angeles comedian has thought of one of the most incredible ideas ever: baking cookies that look like iPhones and trolling cops into pulling him over.
We're going to go ahead and recommend that you DON'T try this yourself. That said, leave it to comedian Randy Liedtke, A.K.A
On Monday night's "Conan," Sarah Silverman debuted a new way to empower women. It involved an iPhone, Conan O'Brien's mouth
Hell hath no fury like an Apple devotee scorned, as proven by this prank from AwesomenessTV. A dude dressed up as an Apple