IPod Nano

But wasn't it great while it lasted? Let's take a minute to remember all the iPods: From the bulky to the tiny, from the
I get a little melancholy about how I miss the warmth of analog, the crackle of the 33, the days before autotune, when singers had to be able to actually sing, by golly. And I thank God that Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion didn't have to twerk.
Okay, so you've bought your iPhone, or SmartPhone, or iPod, or whatever the portable device is that you're going to carry with you and entrust so much of your life to. It's now time to protect it. Is that necessary?
Of course, Apple's "experimenting" with a smartwatch by no means means a prototype will see the light of day. Just ask iTV
The new iPod Nano, priced at $149 with 16GB capacity, is "definitely not the same as the old Nano," according to TechCrunch
Though the iPhone 5 was certainly the star of Apple's show, the Cupertino company unveiled a few other new products, too
The New York Times reports that the 32-gigabyte model of the new iPod Touch will start at $299 while the iPod Shuffle (2
The new Nanos, which are available today, saw a small price drop, going from $149 to $129 for the 8GB version. Apple has