The company's shares will be traded on Riyadh’s Tadawul stock exchange.
The move follows co-founder Adam Neumann's resignation as CEO last week.
Arming the mid-size companies with a new funding channel might trigger the valuations hike further, imposing the notorious "bubble" the VCs like to talk about. Don't underestimate the power of billboards or TV commercials with investment offerings.
To create the jobs, the careers and the environment where "The Employee" can flourish. There is something about that in which cannot be easily put to words. But is rewarding unlike anything else for an entrepreneur.
I previously concluded that the New York market had a stronger pipeline of pre-IPO companies that would be attractive to the public markets than Boston. I now realize I was dead wrong.
Possibly the most interesting running conversation I've been having with entrepreneurs lately is how they can keep their companies independent without having to go public and turn their cap table into a casino.
Overall, the JOB act's steps to increase access to capital and decrease regulations are both welcome measures; however, once again, there is a predisposition for regulators to miss the point when it comes to what a small business is and what would truly help it.
But IPOs dreams are hard to kill: Dealogic reports that the 130 companies currently waiting to go public is a larger number
Copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters. Click for Restrictions. In dollar terms, the offer amount of the IPOs was $442.9 million
A poorly performing stock market, in addition to the anticipated public-sector budget cuts, put a damper on almost everything that high growth entrepreneurs need to be successful.