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This is a developing story and will be updated. Laura Barron-Lopez contributed reporting. Another deal-breaker for the White
“That’s a bunch of bull,” Vitter said Wednesday after being blocked by Cardin from making changes to a previously filed amendment
Trying for unanimous consent would have imperiled the bill's passage, since the Cotton and Rubio amendments were regarded
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell faces a tough choice this week on how to move forward with a controversial bill that
On Thursday, Corker expressed disappointment with the junior senator's effort to disrupt the ongoing bipartisan process of
Cardin had a heated exchange with Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican presidential hopeful, on Wednesday over one of the seven
The most critical moment, however, came earlier in the year. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), perhaps Corker’s strongest Democratic
Now that the bill has survived a committee vote, some Republicans are expressing dissatisfaction with the results of the
Coons was one of several Democrats who favored congressional oversight of the Iran deal but was hesitant to vote for the
But later on Tuesday evening, Pelosi emailed her members to note that the White House had said the president would sign the
WASHINGTON -- A tentative deal has been reached by senators on a bill to apply congressional oversight to a nuclear deal
A handful of Democrats with a history of voting in favor of “tough on Iran” legislation have yet to take a stance on the
Many U.S. lawmakers - both Democrats and Republicans - have been working to develop legislation that could attract the 67
President Obama Comments on Iran Sanctions Bill
"The senators already may have accomplished the maximum good by proposing the bill, thereby raising the pressure on the administration
That doesn't square with how Filner described the group in a letter to his colleagues: The People's Mojahedin has sought