As Ahmadinejad prepares to speak at the UN on Thursday, the media would do better to pay attention to the voices of change in Iran.
If you care about solidarity activism, independent reporting and the ability of progressive journalists to work on the frontlines of world events, I encourage you to speak out for two American hikers who are still being held in a 10' x 14' cell in Iran after two years.
Today, at this very moment hundreds of thousands -- probably millions -- of human beings are being wrongfully imprisoned around the world. And therein lies the problem.
Why did Syria deem me harmless in a matter of weeks, while Iran continues to keep two equally innocent men from continuing with their lives?
One year ago, on July 31, each of us received an unexpected telephone call from the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. It was to tell us that our children had been detained by Iranian forces on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan.
to tell Iran that enough is enough on the one-year anniversary of the hikers' detention. Flagrantly playing politics with the lives of innocents is unacceptable.