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While Iran has swiftly moved to comply with the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the multilateral nuclear accord struck in July, hardliners in both Iran and the U.S. have already succeeded in provoking actions that threaten to poison the atmosphere for the deal's implementation.
"The publication of such false news under the present circumstances is akin to psychological warfare," a spokesman for Iran's Revolutionary Guards said.
Last week, the House decided to throw good money after bad. Tucked inside its defense authorization bill was a provision that allocates funding for a new ground-based missile defense site -- despite the fact that missile defense brass don't want the money.
Bokaei did not say when the missile was tested or give a specific indication of its range. "When this missile was tested
On November 12, an explosion ripped apart buildings at an Iranian missile base near Bid Kaneh. Although it remains unclear
The good news is that President Obama has a brilliant strategy for dealing with Iran. The bad news is that brilliance may not be enough.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran and North Korea are working together to develop ballistic missiles and have made significant
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Video news coverage of interviews with Iranian military officials conducted in early May reveal the troubling increased contentiousness
Iran is currently capable of carrying out a conventional missile attack on Israel - a substantial but not existential threat
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps has deployed mobile ground-to-air and ground-to-sea missile batteries in the Strait of Hormuz
2008-12-15-radiological.jpgThis video comes courtesy of the unabashed hawks at the right-wing Heritage Foundation. Watch it for yourself, but you might want to put the kids to bed first.
Last week, various Iranian officials made positive comments about a new diplomatic outreach by the United States and its
An Iranian blogger posts this week's photo along with a photo of a Iranian missile launch that was taken two years ago, and suggests that they are, um, the same photo.
It is no coincidence that Iran fired its salvo of 9 ballistic missiles on July 9 while the G-8 leaders in Japan were calling on Iran to suspend its uranium-enrichment program.
[WATCH] Serving that end today is Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, who was shown McCain's statement by Andrea Mitchell on
Which candidate is better suited to confront the issue of Iran? The one who has pledged aggressive diplomacy? Or the one who just last night joked about killing Iranian civilians with weaponized cancer?