iran nuclear agreement

Sens. Bob Corker and Tom Cotton are working on legislation that could lead the U.S. to sanction Iran -- even if it is abiding by the 2015 deal.
BEIRUT -- All this hawkishness toward Russia, Iran and Syria is most likely about showing Democrat toughness and savvy in contrast to Donald Trump.
Admittedly, it is unfair to lay at Mr. Rhodes' doorstep all that Mr. Obama has wrought upon himself. The buck ultimately stops at the Oval Office.
President Obama will be out of office soon. These last victories will soon become legacies of an American leader who chose peace over war. President Rouhani, however, is just getting started.
Despite the recent achievements on Iran-U.S. relations, which have been unprecedented since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the wall of mistrust between Washington and Tehran remains thick. It is of critical importance for the pragmatists on each side to ensure they stick to fully implementing the nuclear deal.
Like it or not, a country the size of Iran, which is enmeshed in several regional crises, can neither be ignored nor forced into submission without disastrous consequences.
Congress passed a measure that will prevent visa-free travel to the United States for people who have visited Iran or hold Iranian nationality.