Iran nuclear deal

Iran announced it has begun using advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium.
A diplomatic conflict between Tehran and Washington has flared since the U.S. pulled out of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal.
It's a major departure from the 2015 nuclear deal, a year after the U.S. unilaterally withdrew from the accord.
But first he managed to insult and attack just about everyone at the G-20 summit who could help him defuse the tensions with Iran he created in the first place.
President Donald Trump signed an executive order imposing new economic sanctions on Iran and its leaders, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The measure comes after Iran shot down a U.S. Navy drone over the Persian Gulf.
Ranking members of Congress have been given updates from the White House on the alleged threat from Iran after complaining they had been kept out of the loop.
Campaigning in Chattanooga, Tennessee, late on Sunday, Trump said his “maximum pressure” policy against Iran was working.
It’s the second batch of penalties that the administration has reimposed since President Donald Trump withdrew from the landmark deal in May.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has unveiled his new plan to tackle Iran’s nuclear program after the U.S. violated the Obama-era treaty designed to curb Tehran’s weapons program.
After the nuclear deal, Iran hoped to replace more than 200 of its planes. It has only received 11.
Much of the U.S. public appears not to have any deeply held convictions about the accord.
Trump has "undermined global confidence in U.S. commitments" and "alienated our closest allies," Brennan said.
Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal did not receive a positive reception from Iranian lawmakers.
“You literally just backed out of an American promise."
It's a striking example of the president again making a move condemned by U.S. allies but likely to help Vladimir Putin.
Last month's "Iran lied" presentation went over better than the "Bibi Bomb."
France, the U.K. and Germany had attempted a last-ditch push to get Trump to change his mind in recent weeks.
Trump announced on Tuesday that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.
The move puts the future of the 2015 international agreement in crisis.
A guide to the 2015 international agreement that Donald Trump has plunged into crisis.