iran social media

The crackdown comes after Tehran's top leader declared war on un-Islamic thoughts on the Internet.
The cyber war in Iran is taking on the look of a civil war, it is splitting the country into different camps. It seems that even though President Rouhani might be on the side of freedom, it is the enemies of free speech in Iran who have the power and the money to oppress.
The number of Instagram users are unknown, but just like many trends in Iran, it won't be long before the rest of the country catches on to capture their lives with a simple click of a button on their cell phone or whether it'll be used as a political tool to voice opposition.
At a tech conference I attended recently in Abu Dhabi, I gave a talk about how to use social media to promote peace in the Middle East. I was struck by how willing many of the Arab leaders were to fully embrace these new social tools.
Social media and Twitter are to democracy like emergency rooms are to life and death. When Iran puts a drill bit through its "democracy" by pulling a fast one, activists at the grass roots level have the buzzer to call an alarm before the patient bleeds to death.