iranian diaspora

In his harrowing, surprisingly funny memoir, he discusses his warring identities as an Iranian-American.
This isn't a plea to ask Iranian-Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton. However, when it comes to minorities, it's unclear whether we stand a chance against a man who spews vitriol and rants about bans and walls.
Hopes for his release were dashed on Saturday -- at least for now.
What the US did in beginning the road towards reconciliation with Cuba is an act of true leadership that overshadows any military conquest any nation could ever claim. To open the door to dialogue and peace is a step in the direction of a future all humanity can share and prosper in.
After the Sydney crisis, Australia and the world are mourning the loss of two lives: a mother of three and a beloved son. Iranians here in the diaspora mourn too, for the lives taken, and for the as-yet-unknown loss of momentum toward a harmonious peace and place in the world untainted by the actions of a few.
I could not help but feel my parents' story was left out, as were many others: the interracial marriages of the Iranian Diaspora. We are the forgotten ones, often times frowned upon for not being Iranian enough.
It almost seems like a criterion for being Middle Eastern is thinking there is a conspiracy behind every event. As an Iranian-American, I cannot claim to have been immune to conspiracy theories.
The Green Wave group understands that bringing real democracy and freedom to Iran will take a long time. We are willing to become organized.