iranian hostage crisis

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HONG KONG -- My Iranian friend who has family in the U.S. told me, "you can drive the length and breadth of the U.S., but you will not find a single place with anything like the culture you will find just here at Imam Square. Why do they think we will bow to them?" U.S. and European negotiators will do well to remember these words of a young businessman and not those of a religious fanatic. They should stroll through the bazaars of Isfahan and Shiraz if they have any second thoughts about inking the agreement with the Iranians.
Chris Terrio, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Argo, sits down with Jacob to discuss the origins of the iconic phrase peppered throughout the movie.
I could not help but feel my parents' story was left out, as were many others: the interracial marriages of the Iranian Diaspora. We are the forgotten ones, often times frowned upon for not being Iranian enough.
Also appearing in the featurette are Ken Taylor, the former Canadian ambassador to Iran, and "Argo" actors Alan Arkin, John
Argo, the gripping new Ben Affleck film, packs a 1-3 punch. The film dramatically connects the dots between people, power and intrigue running Washington, Hollywood and Tehran during the hostage crisis.
Watch the latest video at Affleck -- who said he is voting for Obama -- brushed aside the notion that the
At a moment like this, the custom is to ask for a brief silence. But I'm pretty sure that's not what Chris would have wanted. I think he'd tell us to get on with solving the life's next problem.
In January, Affleck was linked to a film called 'American Bullshit,' which, coincidentally, also is about 1979-1980 US politics