iraq airstrikes

WASHINGTON, Jan 30 (Reuters) - An Islamic State chemical weapons expert was killed in a coalition airstrike last week near
(Reporting by Ahmed Rasheed inBaghdad and Susan Heavey in Washington; Writing by Michael Georgy; Editing by Louise Ireland
Abbott said that Australian special forces troops would also be deployed on the ground in Iraq in an "advise and assist" capacity
Already the western-backed Syrian rebels are howling that they have been discredited by America's attacks in Syria.
Similarly, only 32 percent of Americans said they support arming more moderate Syrian rebels, while 47 percent were opposed
Residents in a number of European countries strongly support the American air strikes that have been launched in Iraq, but
Watch Grayson’s interview with HuffPost Live above. Reactions to Cheney’s comments were predictably mixed. While many House
By denying that he changed his position, Paul is employing the same tactic he used when trying to neutralize the controversy
Measuring public opinion on complex topics like foreign policy is complicated by the fact that many people aren't paying
Iraqi security forces backed by Shi'ite militias on Sunday broke the two-month siege of Amerli by Islamic State militants
Hajir's mother is one of several Yazidis interviewed this week by BBC reporter Yalda Hakim at the camp in Dohuk. Tens of
BAGHDAD, Aug 18 (Reuters) - The Islamic State militant group that has seized large parts of Iraq and drawn the first American
WASHINGTON -- U.S. lawmakers voiced concern Sunday over the growing threat in Iraq posed by the Islamic State, the militant
Human rights groups and residents say IS fighters have demanded that villagers in the Sinjar area convert or leave, unleashing
U.S. and British military forces have been dropping supplies of food and water to those on Mount Sinjar in the last week
In calling for congressional approval, Paul joins Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), who said Tuesday that seeking permission is necessary
President Barack Obama on Friday announced his decision to launch limited airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq, a move that was largely met with bipartisan support from congressional lawmakers.
The libertarian-leaning Republican, a potential 2016 presidential contender, has long been skeptical of entangling the U.S
U.S. military aircraft have dropped relief supplies to tens of thousands of Yazidis who have gathered on Mount Sinjar, seeking
Her comments come as the United States conducts airstrikes against Islamic State militants outside of the Kurdish city of