iraq airstrikes

WASHINGTON, Jan 30 (Reuters) - An Islamic State chemical weapons expert was killed in a coalition airstrike last week near
Islamic State, which swept through northern Iraq in June virtually unopposed by the Iraqi army, has declared a caliphate
SYDNEY, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Australian fighter jets have been authorized to begin striking Islamic State insurgents in Iraq
Already the western-backed Syrian rebels are howling that they have been discredited by America's attacks in Syria.
Just 38 percent of Americans said they support sending ground troops, while 44 percent were opposed. President Barack Obama
German respondents were slightly more divided about the American air strikes in Iraq, with 48 percent of Germans saying they
President Barack Obama is set to address the nation on Wednesday night about the Islamic State. Reactions to Cheney’s comments
"The Kentucky senator is trying to tell us he’s not an isolationist," he wrote in Politico. "That dog won’t hunt." "I’ve
Recent turmoil in the Middle East has left Americans confused as to where exactly the U.S. is conducting airstrikes and drone
Obama has to notify Congress of the authorization under the the War Powers Resolution. Iraqi security forces backed by Shi'ite