iraq crisis

The American University of Kurdistan (AUK) and the Institute for Media and Political Research (IMPR) in August 2016 conducted a face-to-face survey in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to measure the level of support for independence.
Against this backdrop, the U.S. has undertaken and still continues targeted air strikes against ISIS forces. A basic familiarity with the nature of asymmetric war demonstrates that air strikes are unlikely to defeat insurgent organizations.
At least 2.7 million Iraqis have been displaced across the country since January 2014, including 400,000 from Anbar. (Reporting
The militants have been driven back by Kurdish peshmerga forces in the north, and Shi'ite militia known as Hashid Shaabi
Military commanders said Islamic State militants were still holding out in houses in the northern section of al-Alam, but
Hagel, speaking to reporters after the Pentagon chief visited U.S. troops in Kuwait, said he wasn't ready to say the Islamic
In Iraq proper, a one megabyte per second (mbps) broadband connection costs $399 per month, Arab Advisors Group estimates
A new video narrated by counterterrorism expert Bruce Riedel of the D.C.-based Brookings Institution details the rise of
Without funds to cover all its needs, the agency is prioritizing assistance to people at higher, colder altitudes and then
Islamic State, which swept through northern Iraq in June virtually unopposed by the Iraqi army, has declared a caliphate