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"We’re shutting off an important source of news and analysis at a time when we need to be paying more attention."
Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel was the only anti-war guest of 89 total guests who appeared on the Sunday shows, according
Obama has long derided the 24-hour news cycle in which minor misstatements can become fodder for endless cable discussions
Also on Friday, the Times ran a front-page story questioning the military readiness of the Syrian opposition in a fight against
“The analogy I'd draw is the following: You go to a doctor, who diagnoses an ailment and prescribes drugs and surgery,” Landay
The decision to abandon the policy of aggressive containment, and launch a war to overthrow Saddam has led us to the precipice of what we had been attempting to avoid for a quarter of a century -- the breakup of Iraq, and dangerous instability for the foreseeable future, including the distinct possibility of a terrorist safe haven in the Sunni tribal lands. And, whether we agree with it or not, the U.S. will forever be blamed for all of the negative consequences. Relitigating the past is obviously painful for those who were so terribly wrong, and whose actions led to what is arguably the most egregious foreign policy error in the history of our country. But it is necessary as we consider the way ahead.
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“Hey Sunday shows! Hey op-ed pages! Hey cable news! Hey everybody! We know you are tempted to keep booking these yahoos on
Bremer's response was essentially to say that there was nothing wrong with anything he'd done. Burnett pressed him admirably
“What business is it of the United States, at this point, who is in the government of Iraq?” Halperin asked. “Why isn’t that