The president will put forward his decision on Afghanistan soon. It will involve a troop increase. If progressives stay in full opposition mode, they will exist on the margin of the debate.
Today, 34-year-old Sheik Aifan Sadun may be the richest man in Falluhah, thanks to his alliance of self-interest with U.S. forces.
The only realistic exit now is the exit of a GOP administration that cannot admit its failures. That takes a new Democratic President in 2009 -- and a new Democratic VP. Why not Clark?
Petraeus and Crocker tell us they can't make predictions into the future, but they have no problem making scary predictions about what will happen if we withdraw.
Providing support to multiple Iraqi security forces without serious advances on Iraq's political reconciliation risks even higher levels of conflict in 2008 and beyond.
At a party once, I made a comment to Russell Crowe about his hair and he almost beat me up. So I haven't always been his biggest fan. But I have to admit, there are a lot of reasons to see 3:10 to Yuma.