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Fifteen years after the American invasion promised to unleash Iraqi Kurdistan's oil sector, ordinary Kurds are left with an economic nightmare.
The Iraqi Kurds’ referendum that was conducted several weeks ago won an overwhelming majority in favor of independence but
Assessing the fallout of September's referendum "disaster."
The announcement could set off a new crisis in Iraq.
In just seven days, the Kurdish dream of independence turned into the stuff of nightmares.
Wary German voters and Catalan separatists are foiling the French vision of shared sovereignty.
Turkey, Iran and Iraq have all threatened retaliation.
Most Americans alive today have no memory of our country ever changing its borders. And the last time it happened, many Americans
The outcome of the referendum is certain, but what happens next is dangerously unknown.
The vote is being held amid international warnings and threats to stop it.
An upcoming referendum on Kurdish independence has implications for Turkey, Syria and Iran.
Judge Mark Goldsmith said the individuals could be targeted for attacks in Iraq.
"Progress is often uneven and complicated in the region –– a constant balancing act between various religious and cultural factors."
The overwhelming majority of Kurds want independence.
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