Does the news know it’s the weekend? 1. A Georgia police officer was caught on camera saying “we only kill black people” to
Once a 39" robot claw, that climbs stairs and can see in the dark enters your home, the possibilities are endless! The kids
Credit Do you want to live the automated lifestyle? If you do, you can start by trying out some of suggestions made above
A robot that completes basic household chores might sound like a great idea, but a recent innovation in automated lawn mowing
Crowdfunding isn't necessarily a panacea. In fact, observes Scott Miller, the CEO and co-founder of Dragon Innovation, Inc., has revealed an alarming Achilles heel: an inability to deliver hardware.
Advice for the employee; leave the negative attitude at home. Come to work and bring inspiration with you. Cultivate fresh new ideas and share them with your co-workers.
Over 14 years, Springboard has worked with over 500 companies founded by women entrepreneurs to raise capital. Women like
"If you can automate that vehicle, you've now freed up a thinking individual to do a much more complex task," Brown said
According to a 16-year study by Idea Champions, only 3 percent of the 10,000 people they interviewed said that they come up with their best ideas at work. The other 97 percent said their best ideas come to them while they are in the shower, on vacation, taking walks, enjoying a glass of wine, or just doing nothing. While a highly structured, tightly scheduled workplace may foster productivity, a more relaxed, unstructured environment unlocks creativity.
What we all need to recognize is that capital is not based on meritocracy. It's based on relationships. Yes, the business has to be disruptive or at least scalable to attract venture capital. VC's invest in PEOPLE first, and businesses second.
You don't need top military clearance or a degree from MIT to use some of today's most advanced robots. There are machines
No, iRobot isn't becoming a gaming company. They did this just because having fun and making cool stuff is part of their
I watched as the Roomba returned from the hallway, apparently satisfied with its job there. It was pretty cool, I had to admit. But was a useful gift the same thing as a romantic one?
Said Cage, "I got a little tired of movies where I had to shoot people. I got to thinking about the power of film and what that power is. The power is in fact that it really can change people's minds."