I'm surrounded by super-fit bodies in athletic gear as I drive over the Walnut Street Bridge for a local program on a global topic -- the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). For a third year, the Ironman endurance event transforms the Scenic City of Chattanooga, the smallest of the major cities in Tennessee.
Sometimes it feels to me like life is a race that I didn't sign up for it. There's no map for it. There's no way to train on the course, or really just to train at all. How can anyone expect all of that? I just have to wait to let it unfold, including all the hills that I didn't expect.
I got through an Ironman with not nearly enough training and I believe that I can get through anything -- it was not a physical
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Johnny was born premature and has lived his entire life with cerebral palsy, which affects the part of the brain that controls
After I made the decision to pursue a hobby that had always scared me, I experienced a huge life shift. I went on to be a success coach for clients that include professional athletes. My time with them has reminded me so much of the life lessons I've taken off the green with me.
So why Ironman now? A good thing for Kammel and for other challenged athletes seeking to find ways to pursue physical fitness