Like the things mentioned in Morissette's song, "Ironic," nothing that Trump is griping about is actually ironic.
“We don’t conduct partisan filibusters of Supreme Court nominees," said one GOP senator.
Guzman, who is currently in prison in the United States, would be different from other Trump appointees, Sardonic said. President
2. No one even reads the description. The best lists are the ones with nice pictures because then, you don’t have to put
After this week's big win in New York, we are one step closer to the White House. It's time to start thinking about the team we need to assemble to Make America Great Again!
The states complained that Colorado's establishment of a legal, regulated market caused marijuana to flow into their states, thereby undermining their strict laws. This, they claimed, caused "irreparable injury" by draining their treasuries, placing stress on their criminal justice systems and endangering the health of their residents.
"Nice country you got here, be a real shame if something happened to it."
While a relationship is definitely something we all hope for in our lives it's good to figure out a few things in one's life. It's good to wonder what could have been, or what would be. It's healthy for the soul to think about the alternative.
6) Are you a "name-dropper"? 8) Do you place yourself on a certain level above others? If you answered "yes" to any of these
So, it's our wonderfully new and corrupt system of financing elections that's going to ruin it for everyone? I have to say
But the salient point here is that bipartisan seating doesn't achieve the desired effect of reducing dysfunction. Rather
Teasing, joking and making fun of ourselves and each other can often create intimacy, diffuse barriers and bond friends and colleagues.
Going forward, the organization tells Shiner, it is "more focused on the 2016 presidential race than the 2014 midterm elections
We hoped this was a temporary protest, but it lasted for the two years she lived there. I called the town manager to see what could be done. "I know it's awful to look at and I'd sure hate to be her neighbor, but this is New Hampshire. Live Free or Die."