Over the past two years, the festival -- the first and premier event of its kind -- has featured the most envelope-pushing virtual and augmented reality narratives in the world, and with over 30 pieces on display, this weekend is set to be the most exciting yet.
Although much of what Yale economist Robert Shiller writes is about the importance of financial markets, he won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for studying how financial markets misbehave. He is a pioneer in the new field of Behavioral Economics.
While the pre-recession U.S. ignored growing structural imbalances in the real estate sector, financial markets, and external trade relations, the Philippine government is obsessed with emphasizing the boom in the stock markets, real estate and foreign exchange reserves.
Finance and the Good Society is a timely and on the whole persuasive reminder that the institutions of capitalism have the capacity to spread democracy, prosperity and greater equality.
We're not out of the woods yet, but in the overall scheme of things, there is nothing like a good solid dose of economic growth to reduce deficits, create jobs and foster holiday cheer.
Irrational exuberance? We think not. Market participants responding rationally to a range of short term economic incentives are the root causes of the crisis.
The pill gave the markets a quick burst, but the fast-acting stimulus soon wore off, leaving investors unimpressed and thoroughly unsatisfied.