It's apparent that the word scandal has become something altogether different than what it's been historically. It would appear that what's needed is another word, a word that would distinguish what these scandals actually are.
A new report today is about one IRS conference in Anaheim in 2010 that cost 4.1 million dollars. 4.1 million of YOUR dollars to party! How could they possibly think it was okay to take YOUR money to party? And don't tell me it was a conference -- that is absurd!
As President Barack Obama embarks on his second term in office, many on the right are still shouting that he's sympathetic to Muslims.
The Obama administration, through incompetency, pettiness, venality or something else, has unwittingly badly damaged the IRS. Some on the right may celebrate this, but a tax agency that cannot enforce regulations or laws is a major problem in a modern state.
The president is either moping or muttering defensively about the abuses by the IRS and the tragedy of Benghazi. As I see it, if he wakes up tomorrow and is willing to speak up, there are a few things he could fairly state. First, any suggestion that "the IRS" went after the Tea Party are bogus.
That's the type of week it's been, and the only way to see a silver lining is to point out that if you're going to have several scandals erupt, you might as well schedule them all for the same week.