is college worth it

A new report serves as an endorsement for the value of fraternities, sororities, honors colleges and other communities.
A college degree is worth the cost because it at least enables a young person to tread water. Without the degree, young people can easily drown.
Imagine investing tens of thousands of dollars (or more) to learn how to think just like everyone around you! I can think
(See larger image) According to a new report from Fusion Interactive, women of all degree levels tend to end up getting shorted
Now, since it’s college graduation time, it’s also the season for the annual “is college worth it” discussion. No one is
Is a four-year college education really worth the high price tag when there are cheaper options available?
It's an inarguable fact that the experience and purpose of college enrich individuals, society and our culture. Let's stop trying to prove or disprove it. Let's begin focusing on something students can benefit from. We do not serve students or society well as long as the battle is trying to prove that the industry is worth it. It is.
Given the new -- and continually changing -- types of skills currently in demand, it is not clear what the ideal path is for high school graduates. But what does seem clear is that we need an expanded conception of what constitutes higher education.
Why is it that even as new populations of low-income African-American and Hispanic students enter higher education in even greater numbers, the new mantra of the elite commentariat is that maybe we need more job training, less Shakespeare and more socket wrenches?
College students on campuses across the country are crossing stages this month, on their way to shake someone's hand and
The graduates from these colleges tend to work in education, social work and criminal justice -- all customarily underpaid
We think about the value of going to college but the actual value is in being a graduate from college -- being an alumnus.
We don't need to do away with experts entirely. Instead, let's update and refine what it means to be an expert in the 21st century.
The album has sold over 1 million copies in the UK and debuted at No. 5 on the US Billboard 200 chart when it was released
Though a bachelor's degree holder typically makes 84 percent more than someone with only a high school diploma, the report
"I guess I thought I'd get a good job and make a decent enough salary and be able to live like a middle class person,” says
College would do its tuition-paying customers a favor by not solely focusing on hard facts/skills. They are important, but an even greater need exists in helping students develop an understanding of themselves.
But Peterson worries about the generation of young people debating whether or not to incur such a cost. For those who attended