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This being a generous performance, Mizrahi grabs a swag bag of handouts for regifting, throwing some Dead Sea salt scrub
Veteran fashion designer and "Project Runway: All Stars" judge Isaac Mizrahi swings by HuffPost Live to dish on the much
There's something in the Los Angeles air right now attracting New Yorkers. All over the city you can find New York galleries, designers, fashion labels, creatives and with a little luck, one of New York's finest photographers, Jason Frank Rothenberg.
Since the place was reborn in 1979 under the direction of the new Radio City Musical Hall Productions, the Spring Spectacular has been reliably perky, friendly, and leaning towards mass-market bland.
Furstenberg, Mizrahi and Posen are all celebrated designers, but Posen said that there is something truly special about working
I have known this man for decades -- not close like "besties" but rather kindred spirits of sorts. I always knew Isaac was a dog person, but when I learned that the two dogs he owns and loves were rescues, I was relentless. I mean RELENTLESS.
Idea #1: Mismatch Seating Think beyond the style of a seating arrangement, as Mizrahi did in his living room, shown above
Mark Morris gets Handel like no one else gets him: He crafted a towering piece of dance architecture in L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, and now Acis and Galatea (the jazzed-up Mozart arrangement) gets the witty and lightly absurdist Morris treatment.
The designer mentions that QVC, the current distributor of his brand, is great about featuring his styles from XXS to 3XL
Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi joins HuffPost Live and talks about the "right way" for fashion to incorporate pluz-size people.
Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi reveals that he is not a fan of breast implants.
But as a judge, Mizrahi does just fine. The designer is currently dishing out tough love on the third season of "Project
But there are industry vets with a different perspective on the matter. Isaac Mizrahi, for one, thinks fashion has already
Beach Bird - 183 North Ferry Road, Shelter Island Heights. This Brooklyn style headquarters heads all the way east on Long
"She thought it was polite to be able to express herself," he noted. "She better expect him to express himself back ... he
When you take a close look at the style world, it's not hard to think that perhaps more designers should have a similar moment
Isaac Mizrahi joins HuffPost Live to tell a story about his husband's defense of gay marriage at a dinner party.