isaac newton

After the memorial service, his voice was set to be beamed into space.
In my work and my world, I am dealing routinely with whiplash-inducing headlines about health, and nutrition in particular
I love the idea of summer, but with four children, the reality of it is never quite like I imagine.
It's 11:00 p.m. on May 8, 2017. A few hours ago, I came to Pupin Hall at Columbia University, the home of the Manhattan Project
Today’s kids are immersed in a laundry list of activities and classes even before they reach school-age. As a parent, you
Second, Newton's topics make no sense at all today. They were chosen to suit the particular issues that he wished to address
If we want to unleash Blake even more, we can compound the game. Rather than wonder imaginatively at the universe, poor Isaac
Why does our preconception with romantic love have to dictate our very being? Humans make the words. We can also redefine the words.
Spacetime is not what Newton supposed: the Euclidean backdrop to events, like the stage of a play. Spacetime is participatory
As an artist with years of mathematical training, I am continuously looking for inspiration and find much in Cézanne's and Einstein's work.
When you put the mix of building blocks (and the building blocks themselves) in balance, you are more likely to create a win-win rather than a lose-lose strategy. To win more often, it would behoove marketers to think about applying Newton's 3rd law in their marketing strategies.
Is it a good idea to cut dietary fat? We now know the question to be bad, and bad questions invite no good answers. A diet
When I wrote Newton's Laws of Emotion, I didn't set out to create Sophia, Sir Isaac Newton's romantic interest in the film, as a role model for girls. But now that I have, I dearly hope that one day if this movie ever makes it to the big screen, a young girl will point at Sophia and say, "I want to be like her."
Scientists are not blind to the beauty of the world. When I see an image such as the one taken by the Hubble Space Telescope that was dubbed "The Rose," I believe that I am as capable to appreciate its exquisitely complex elegance as any artist.
Ikarios planted the grape vine of Dionysos and made wine. He gave some of that wine to some farmers who got drunk and killed
The other day, I was a lab rat in a performance-art piece on the High Line. The artist, an Argentinian named David Lamelas
Author at ISAW with a few of these papers (source: Ricardo Andres) Here are the first five. Stay tuned for Part II of this