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Fashion is a 1.2 trillion dollar industry around the world. In building our SELF MADE community, we highlight the women who
In the world of contemporary interior design Ralph Pucci is the icon who creates the trends rather than follow them.
It was a suit and tie kind of night -- and not just for the soulful k.d. lang who made her Broadway debut as the new guest star in After Midnight. The evening was the type of party Carrie Bradshaw would attend -- if Carrie Bradshaw went to theater premieres.
Forget typography. Let's get back to Swiss style. As in Fashion style. What comes to mind? Rachel Polla (31). Classic, comfortable
Why go on about the spectacular After Midnight, other than to say that for pure entertainment it comes as near being worth every penny charged as anything does in this gold-plated ticket era of ours?
But it might also offer a clue into the malaise currently floating over Washington. Running for national office, unlike designing
"That was a gift from the universe," said Ruben. Isabel also felt like there was some higher power at work, recalling how
The pair laughed as they recounted their past, including the day they met in high school (both could remember exactly what
> Renaissance man Geoffrey Holder was more succinct in his praise of Magidson's undertaking, which includes a bouffant evening
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Michelle Obama favorites--and one of fashion's first couples--Isabel and Ruben Toledo have designed a line of beach wear
Michelle Obama favorite Isabel Toledo just released the sketches for her upcoming collection for Payless. Toledo will create
Michelle Obama favorite Isabel Toledo recently talked to students at Marymount University about designing the first lady's
Is it possible to fall in love and to stay in love? Is happiness an illusory phantom? Does nothing last? It must be the time
"That was great for me," said Toledo. "She had chosen to wear something of mine to a party where there were all these designers
Fashion designer Isabel Toledo -- who designed Michelle Obama's lemongrass-hued Inauguration day ensemble -- is partnering
Michelle Obama favorites Isabel and Ruben Toledo recently received honorary doctorate degrees from Los Angeles' Otis College