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'Enjoy the View'--The Final Recording by Jazz Master Bobby Hutcherson / 1941-2016 (Part 2) And for the seventh year, JALC
Getting there will involve broadening standards of beauty, combatting ageism, and building a culture that looks beyond superficial and transient nature of our looks. We must insist that media and corporations catch up with these practices and we can do that by wisely allocating our clicks and dollars.
This last Saturday, Lia Chavez, presented her first live dance performance alongside dancers Troy Ogilvie and Djassi daCosta Johnson.
With wrinkles, you have to assume them. For the moment, that's my strategy. I never have the courage to do anything else
A little foundation, eyeliner and bright pink lipstick adds a "wow" factor.
If there is one film that changed my life, it's Nadine Labaki's Caramel. It is the kind of movie I can watch again and again, and still find hidden within it new gems of wisdom and insights.
Rossellini also posed a question that should make people think. "Is it so horrible to grow old?" Absolutely not, we think
Each year, the San Francisco International Film Festival turns the city into Hollywood North, screening 150 indie and big-budget films, heralding 150 big-name and up-and coming actors, directors, and producers, and rolling out the red carpet for interviews and events.
HuffPost Live's Ryan Buxton grilled Rossellini on her feelings on Madonna's Sex now, 22 years after its release. In recent
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Burt of Burt's Bees, honey-bee pollen and beeswax skin care products sold in supermarkets and pharmacies all across American
"If we go back to Aristotle ... and other philosophers through the centuries, language and thinking were inextricably linked