Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Have you seen these 12 paintings and a golden eagle?
In this exhibition, Kota Ezawa shows an animated film as well as a series of light boxes, each of them displaying a deliberately stylized recreation of the stolen work. A quarter of a century later, the mystery of what happened to the works remains unsolved.
Was a stoner security guard behind the biggest museum art heist in American history?
Nearly twenty five years after one of the world's most expensive art heists the FBI has announced that they have identified
Come join me now for an inside look at the two different worlds of the Gardner -- the new pavilion and the old palace.
Museums are meant to be visual feasts; they are guilt-free, indulgent, Thanksgiving-sized banquets of painting, sculpture
Although I was enchanted by Caroline's performance, I was not alone. During the concert, I noticed a youngish man sitting