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Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Isaiah Mustafa and Bill Hader assemble for the Stephen King sequel.
The couple said it was love at first sight when they met in 2016.
Although Division has already suffered through its "Tipping Point," it wasn't until "High-Value Target" that our heroes truly found ourselves hanging off the edge of a cliff with the president holding the only rope.
This week's "Nikita" left me torn -- while there was a lot to love about the episode (Isaiah Mustafa! Crazy Amanda! Badass Sean!) there were also a few moments that felt jarring at best, and irritating at worst.
Chelan Simmons lands an arc on "How I Met Your Mother." The "LA Complex" alum will play Brandi, a sports reporter working
While the video is mostly an amusing look at the world three years from now, Galifianakis doesn't mince words: "Please get
Though Mustafa cleared up why he made the "self-deprecating" comment about his "nappy" hair, we are still left with the question
It seems Isaiah Mustafa found some time after solving the NFL lockout debacle to release a video officially accepting Fabio's
As we reported last week, Old Spice is replacing Isaiah Mustafa with Italian model Fabio in their Old Spice Guy viral ads
The Old Spice Man is still on the market, ladies. Despite reports that he's romancing Kathy Griffin, Isaiah Mustafa says
Move over, Levi Johnston! Kathy Griffin has a new man in her life, and this time, it's the real deal! reports
WATCH: He's back. Mustafa announces he's returned "to inform the people on this crazy blue marble that we call Earth" in
First it took phosphates out of detergents, now Proctor & Gamble is taking money out of soap operas.
Party of Five and Scream actress Neve Campbell, 37, recently announced her divorce from actor John Light, and she has since
Isaiah Mustafa took the Internet by storm in his hilariously viral Old Spice commercials, but memes, like all good things
Each week, Keith Powell subtly chews scenes as anal retentive Harvard grad writer Toofer on the comedy juggernaut 30 Rock