Isaiah Washington

"A global renaissance man who has more than his fair share of good looks and amazing stories of personal adventure and achievement."
Summer time television doesn't offer much scintillation beyond a barrage of reality shows. It's a time for viewers to hit Hulu and Netflix hard to find a show that'll keep them stimulated and on the edge of their couch cushions.
What the 'funk' is going on? It's a fair question to ask in music these days, as funk appears to be making a mainstream comeback. There's Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" single which had a 14-week reign at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
"I had on leggings," Washington, a professional dancer at the time -- who is also straight -- recalled. "Walking around in
The HuffPost Show: Episode 2 featuring Russell Crowe, Bob Saget, Isaiah Washington and Jill Sobule.
Tonight on PBS, I'm joined by NAACP Image Award and SAG Award-winning actor Isaiah Washington, star of the upcoming feature, Blackbird. In the film, which he also produced, Isaiah plays the father of a devout Christian teenager struggling with his true identity.
Isaiah Washington discusses Chris Rock's tweets about getting pulled over by police on "The HuffPost Show."
Isaiah Washington discusses Chris Rock's tweets about being frequently pulled over.
How much freedom of expression does Black America withhold in exchange for a measure of safety in White America? What do we gain by that, and what do we lose? How much of our flavor, our life rhythm do we have to suppress daily to fit in, thrive, and survive?
“Obviously he hasn’t broken any laws. And what you drive shouldn’t matter...but if you are at war, which we all know that
The film, which focuses on a young singer (Julian Walker) who is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality in a small
April and Jackson feel ambivalent about their baby; Webber wants Yang to repeal the Harper Avery and cranky about the talent drain and the foundation. Jo is totally overworked. Bailey put the deactivated HIV cells in the bubble boy without parental consent. Derek has Amy in town and they are performing surgery on conjoined twins, like two best friends we know are about to be torn apart.
Nobody knows exactly what Isaiah Washington's return to "Grey's Anatomy" will look like, but Ellen Pompeo recently posted
Watch the whole interview below: "I read the script last night ... The script is so amazing, it will blow you away," Washington