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Daesh ("ISIS") recently destroyed an ancient monastery and a church. This, after abducting several Christians, in what has become the group's long scourge on humanity. Contrary to ISIS's ignorance and propaganda, Prophet Muhammad sought to protect the rights of Christians.
Beshir Kamel, who said he is the brother Bishoy Astafanus Kamel and Samuel Astafanus Kamel, two of the 21 victims, called
Theresa Shoukry Remembers Her Son, Yousef, Killed By ISIS
Magda Aziz remembers her husband, Hani Abdel Messihah, who was killed by ISIS
But Paul isn't doing all that fast enough for one key Republican donor, or for the Middle Eastern group which that donor
I asked Jeremy Courtney for his opinion on what Christians might be able to do to help Christians on the ground in Iraq, and his answer surprised me and might surprise Christians and non-Christians alike.