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The Serbian Embassy staff members were abducted in Libya in November.
The militants have no interest in a peaceful Libya and are working to stir up more conflict, according to Gambhir, who writes
COPENHAGEN - An increased E.U. naval presence off Libya, creating safer passage for migrants and refugees and combating smuggling of weapons and oil, could be a possible course of action. But a military intervention in Libya at this point is playing with fire.
Survivors of Islamic State Video Speak Out
His government and the House of Representatives, elected in June, have been working out of the east since a faction called
U.S. officials did not anticipate Sisi's government would further complicate the civil war by publicly accusing Qatar of
The Egyptian government is battling a burgeoning insurgency centered in the strategic Sinai Peninsula, which borders Israel
The Coptic Church said it was confident the Cairo government would seek justice. Al Azhar, the center of Islamic learning