isis recruitment

Youtube is attempting to combat terrorism by redirecting searches.
The war of terror being fought by ISIS has a parallel battle of information - a battle for hearts, minds and recruits on the one hand, and to amplify the terror and the horror on the other. And that battle is a very 21st-century one.
For their sustained frequency alone, today's string of suicide bombings continues to entreat our self-interrogation regarding any prior or contingent social marginalization of the perpetrators.
ISIS has engaged in takedowns before, often through proxies, and on informal channels like Twitter. Rarely, however, has ISIS used its own formal platform to so systematically insult Western clerics. The move speaks to its growing anxiety over recent battlefield setbacks.
The Chinese chant declares, "Our dream is to die fighting on this battlefield."
The Maccabee war of our time is happening now. It is a war over the values that will dominate our world. Only the connection between us, as one man with one heart, can put out the black fire of fundamentalist Islam threatening to overtake the world.
Economic hardship is pushing families to decide between poverty, escape or joining the Islamic State.
It does not help much, for those few individuals who are attracted to an ISIS type of extremism, to completely and summarily dismiss or condemn ISIS. In fact, the more that ISIS is condemned the more appealing it can be for some who are precisely seeking a movement or cause that will stick it to the status quo.
Jakarta-based analysts told The Wall Street Journal this year that they noted an uptick in the number of Indonesians journeying
The crux of the matter is that today's youngsters have neither identity nor belonging. This is what all of us, all over the Western world, should focus on, because the problem is not endemic to the UK but manifests globally. The heart of the Western world's problems is social alienation.
The various State Department efforts share a common problem: A seeming lack of a guiding framework to afford a coherent messaging strategy. Instead, campaigns seem to be launched on the basis of intuitive hunches devoid of solid grounding in the science of radicalization.
At the same time, the group also was getting support directly from the battlefield. Abdi Nur, a former associate of the Minnesota
But in 2011, Clairmont was approached by an Islamic State recruiter who "gave him some books to read" and convinced him to
One way to ensure that the fighters do not leave is to create anchors to ensure they will stay: a job, a house, a wife and a child.
Terrorist ideology can't be "killed" like a person. It must be diluted and weakened through means other than physical force. Before an ISIS terrorist kills innocent human beings, he's brainwashed into doing so by extremist propaganda.
Late last month, ISIS was driven out of the Syrian city of Kobani, thanks to over 100 days of US-led airstrikes and the actions of Kurdish fighters. But this could also be bad news for other parts of the country and potential targets abroad, as this Sunni extremist organization reorients its focus. What can we expect of ISIS in the coming months?