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ISTANBUL -- ISIS is attacking Kurds, secular groups, leftists and now the general public. Its aim is to destroy the secular republic, which is the "other" to its caliphate.
Police reportedly seized suicide vests armed with bombs.
ISTANBUL -- The civil strife and jihadism that have torn apart states like Libya, Iraq and Syria have now begun to menace Turkey as well. The Turkish authorities have even turned a blind eye to ISIS activities within Turkey on numerous occasions. No part of the country, not even Ankara, is felt to be safe anymore.
Turkey recently began airstrikes on the Islamic State group in Syria.
London police said they had been made aware on Friday that two 17-year-old boys from the city had gone missing and were thought
But he added: "We cannot take our eye off the prize here. It would be irresponsible of us, as well as morally very difficult
By Ozge Ozbilgin ANKARA, Oct 13 (Reuters) - Turkey has not reached a new agreement to let the United States use its Incirlik
"Every girl, every young man, every man who is able to fight, to carry a gun, they armed and they are ready to defend and
The United States is drawing up plans for military action in Syria against Islamic State fighters, but Turkey had made clear