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Screenshot of the militant video. Screenshot of the militant video. The video shows 25 men lined up on the stage of the ancient
Footage of the alleged killing is shown in slow motion, and the child is depicted shooting Musallam repeatedly after the
A presenter then addresses the camera before the video cuts to interviews with some of the captives, who, in keeping with
The Coptic Church said it was confident the Cairo government would seek justice. Al Azhar, the center of Islamic learning
Fox News’ Howard Kurtz strongly disagreed tonight with Fox’s decision to make the entire ISIS video showing the death of a Jordanian pilot available on its website, in its online player.
Shepard Smith wanted viewers to know what happened in the newly released ISIS video, which appears to show Jordanian fighter
The WorldPost reports supporters of the Islamic State, also referred to as ISIS or ISIL, shared the video, which purportedly
In the previous video on Saturday, Goto announced that Islamic State had executed fellow Japanese captive Haruna Yukawa, who
In this installment, released on Friday, the 43-year-old Cantlie "reports" from Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, which
"Long ago, I accepted that my fate will overwhelmingly likely be the same as my cellmates," he says, "and I'm angry about