ISIS women

"I long to take off the niqāb and the darkness that cloaks us, for good," said one of the women. "Nothing matters more than freedom."
The night before Khadiza Sultana left for Syria she was dancing in her teenage bedroom. It was a Monday during the February
"We have received information that contact has been made with the family in the UK ," West Yorkshire police said in a statement
Families are among those to have traveled, and police said of those arrested on their return to Britain last year, 11 percent
One way to ensure that the fighters do not leave is to create anchors to ensure they will stay: a job, a house, a wife and a child.
Those who corrupt the earth by destroying lives, property, and nature are designated as mufsidun (corruptors and evil-doers
Amusha, a 58-year-old woman from Iraq's Yazidi minority, last saw her daughter being driven away by militants of the Islamic
“The video is very disturbing, repulsive, and might possibly be important evidence. But it’s also inconclusive," said Fred
Scores of European Muslim women, mostly from Britain and France, have joined IS in the Middle East. "The nature of the recruitment