Syed's confirmation ends more than two years of delays after a blockade by Republicans in the last Congress.
Many Muslim women wrestlers have hit obstacles due to their need to dress modestly, and have been prohibited from participating in competitions.
For anyone fasting this season and looking for a little support: Here are some of the ways to maintain your well-being while observing.
The decision was intended to show “support for the women in Iran fighting for basic human rights,” the U.S. Soccer Federation said Sunday.
The anti-Muslim extremist, who has called Islam a "cancer," has outraised her opponent in a Republican district.
"Normally, I’m a fun-loving, soft-centered man. But this job makes you hard. You’ve got to be hard, internally, to cope with death every day."
The international community has said that it will judge the Taliban by their actions.
Members of the mosque asked the judge on Monday to impose a life sentence, describing their shock and terror at the attack.
Zahid Quraishi, 46, now holds a lifetime seat on a U.S. district court in New Jersey.
Officer Anthony Marlak reportedly shared a photo on social media that depicted Muslim men hanging from nooses.