Islam by country

Ramadan is usually a month filled with family, friends and festive feasting. But the spread of COVID-19 may cast a pall over the month's beloved social rituals.
But it's still just a drop in the bucket compared to how many Christians are in America.
The largely Muslim ethnic group is being decimated in Myanmar. When will the world respond appropriately?
"I like to think we are all against the same things in America, [we] just really suck at communicating," said Aymann Ismail.
Vulnerable Asian states are bracing for possible pressure to back a Saudi-UAE boycott of Qatar as efforts to mediate an end
Saudi Arabia, in a first move to pressure mostly Muslim states to join its campaign against Qatar, has persuaded six sub
Here's a glimpse at the observance's many flavors.
By Aya Elamroussi It is 40 degrees on a sunny, windy March afternoon. Crisp air competes with the sun’s rays against my face
In April 2016, I wrote an article entitled, “If he is elected to the presidency, Donald Trump will have statutory authority